A Parenting-Well Group For Parents of Adopted Teens

Announcing a five-week “Parenting-Well” group for parents of adopted teens! Special topic: Taking The Sting Out Of Setting Limits. In this group of up to eight (to ensure individualized attention) adoptive parents, you will talk about:

  • navigating power struggles
  • setting appropriate expectations
  • and embracing your strengths and understanding your weaknesses as a parent.

Thursdays, 10:15 – 11:30 starting November 7th
Location: 17 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands, MA 02461
Fee is a one-time payment of $250, payable online at http://www.adoptiontherapyma.com/upcoming-adoptive-parents/

Katie Jae Naftzger, LICSW sees a mix of adopted and non-adopted families and individuals in her private practice in Newton Highlands. Katie has presented workshops at Children’s Hospital, Boston, Wide Horizons, Adoptive Families Together, and others. Katie is also a wife and mother and has experienced the challenges of parenting firsthand!