Yoga for Kids – Grades K to 5

Kids love learning yoga. From stretching in poses to relaxing with soft bolsters, kids simply enjoy how yoga makes them feel. This class teaches the fundamentals of yoga in a fun and engaging class that is both active and calm. Students will enjoy strengthening muscles, building flexibility and challenging themselves with new skills both individually and as a group. Classes teach a sense of breath awareness and offer ways for students to calm themselves and relax. Children will notice how being quiet makes them feel more confident and resilient.

Led by Tracy Affonso, an experienced yoga instructor and former Bowen Elementary School educator, this program will welcome kids and their caregivers in a fun physical practice infused with a sense of calming energy. Strengthen your body. Build confidence. Have fun! Register at:

Wednesday afternoons, starts September 13th
Grade K-2 (ages 5-7) – 3:45  – 4:30 pm
Grade 3-5 (ages 8-10) – 4:30  – 5:30 pm
Artemis Yoga, Watertown