Alash Ensemble Performs for Brown Students 

On Wednesday, October 11th, the award-winning Alash Ensemble performed for Brown students as part of the Creative Arts and Sciences concert series.  Alash Ensemble is a trio of master throat singers that introduced students to the inspiring art of Tuvan throat singing as well as traditional Tuvan instruments, culture, and way of life. They created an informal and lively atmosphere in which students learned about a rich cultural heritage that is virtually unknown in the West. The program was a mix of music, folk tales, history, and culture–equal parts music and talk. To learn more about this fascinating musical tradition, visit

Alash Ensemble at Brown Middle School – Oct 11

This visit was organized by the Creative Arts & Sciences Committee (CASC), a terrific city-wide, PTO resource which brings enrichment programs to your children and the classroom. Many thanks to the Brown CASC Committee for coordinating this concert and for funding provided by the Brown PTO Annual Fund.