Family ACCESS Young Children’s Concert Series

Please join any of these fun and interactive events for young children! The doors open at 10:00 am for snacks and drinks (cash only please) while your family gets settled. The concerts will start at 11:00 am and end at approximately noon. Tickets are $2.50 per person. Admission is limited; please be sure to buy enough tickets for everyone in your party,

“Debbie & Friends” – October 15th
From the moment Debbie & Friends launch into their first song, “I’m Glad You’re Here,” the children sing, dance, jump and have fun with the band. From that high-energy opener to the ecstatic ending, the pacing of a Debbie and Friends show perfectly aligns with the attention spans of their young audience. They’ll rock out and get the kids dancing in a theatre-sized conga line, and then they’ll bring them down gently to relax and engage in more attentive ways. Debbie and Friends has been honored with 25 national awards including a 2011 Grammy Award. Winner of more than 20 National Awards including CBS Boston Best Local Children’s Musician!

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