8th Grade Committee

Parents and guardians of 8th graders: If you are interested in being on the 8th Grade Committee, please email brownpto@brownpto.org.

While the 8th Grade Moving On ceremony and traditional year-end field trip are not PTO-sponsored activities, parents have in the past organized a party, raised funds for a class gift, and helped the teachers and administrators with some of the ceremony details on an as-needed basis. All of these activities are determined by the energy and volunteer availability of the parents & guardians on the 8th Committee.

Please note: The traditional Moving-On ceremony is planned by our fantastic school administration and 8th grade faculty. Mr. Jordan’s First Friday Letter in February stated that the date of the ceremony is traditionally the last day of school. At the time of this writing the School Committee hasn’t voted officially on the date for the last day, but according to our calculations, if we have no more snow days (yikes!), it should be Friday, June 22.  This is an educated guess, but not the final word, so please stay tuned.