School Supplies — No Preordered Kits Program for Fall 2018

FYI to all Brown families for next year: You haven’t missed anything!

The PTO is NOT hosting a School Supply Kit Program for this coming school year.  Due to both execution and distribution challenges with the vendor last year, the school administration and the PTO are not offering a pre-order program for Fall 2018.

The school administration will update families with basic school supply lists for the 2018-19 school year. Individual teams and classroom teachers may also update with any additional specific needs.  As of now, this information is still forthcoming so for now there is no action required for parents. We do know that students should have two locks, one for their personal locker and one for the gym locker so you might have locks available so that your child can practice how to open them.

Remember John Jordan always says, the only thing you really need for the first day of school is a pencil and a lunch or lunch money!

As soon as the PTO receives a list from the school we will be sure to post it on our website and we will pass it along.