Brown ELL Committee News

The goal of the ELL (English Language Learners) Committee at Brown is to ease the transition of ELL families to Brown Middle School. The PTO wants to ensure that all of the children and families know about school and PTO events so they feel included. Thank you to the following parent volunteers who are serving as Cultural Leaders on the ELL Committee:

Ebtehal Afghani        Arabic-Speaking Cultural Leader
Jingjing Hu            Chinese Cultural Leader, Cantonese and Mandarin
Nivi Rabbi            Israeli Cultural Leader
Fumiko Futai            Japanese Cultural Leader
Jina Kim                Korean Cultural Leader
Tiffany Chen            Taiwanese Cultural Leader, Mandarin and Taiwanese
Svetlana Egorova        Russian Cultural Leader
Turkan Caglar            Turkish Cultural Leader

Please join us on Tuesday, Sept 24 from 8-9 am in room 229B for an ELL Coffee Hour. We will talk about the ELL Program at Brown and other programs in Newton.

The ELL Committee is in need of a volunteer who speaks VietnameseChúng tôi cần một tình nguyện viên nói tiếng việt! Xin vui lòng gữi. Please email if you can help.