Breathing Room- A Place for Special Families

Join Breathing Room, a FaceBook private group for parents and caregivers of children with special needs. Members may be caring for kids with any kind of special need from subtle to severe.

Cindy Kaplan will be guiding the group with wisdom from Conscious Parenting, her years of yoga practice, and 18 years of experience learning from her daughter, Mira, who has significant special needs. Cindy is a local Conscious Parent and Family Coach with an MA in Psychology. She has been working with parents and families for over 20 years through private practice, workshops, group coaching, and speaking engagements.

No surprise, there will be a deep focus on self-care and learning how to deconstruct generations of patterns and beliefs so that you can free yourselves from guilt, the “shoulds and what ifs”, and ultimately take care of yourselves so that you can truly be the best that you  can be for your children.

Please take a look, and share with those you know who could benefit from being a part of a community that will allow them to feel less alone and more whole.