Opportunities for Students to Engage in Activities at Brown (all activities are optional)

Chorus, Band and Orchestra: Our ensembles will look different this year: live, virtual, full ensemble performance isn’t a reality for our current technology. We will be working hard to provide alternative learning tools to make this year a musically rich and rewarding one for our musicians at all levels.  Mr. Bailey-Adams, Music Teacher and Chorus Director and Ms. Nelson, Music Teacher and Band/Orchestra Conductor have created this google form for students to sign up for their offerings:  Brown Middle School Ensemble Sign Ups.  Please note that the link requires you to be logged into your NPS Google account.  

These activities will happen during extensions starting the week of October 5 as outlined below.  Weeks will alternate “Gold Week” and “Silver Week”.  To simplify this for students, the teachers will send a google calendar invitation that will show up on students calendars at the specific time each occurs.  

Gold Week (Starting Oct. 5)*

Monday Extension – 6 Chorus, 7/8 Band.
Wednesday Extension – Orch (sectionals)
Friday Extension – 7/8 Chorus, 6 Band

Silver Week (Starting Oct. 13)*
Monday Extension – 6 Chorus, 7/8 Orch.
Wednesday Extension – Band (sectionals)
Friday Extension – 7/8 Chorus, 6 Orch.

*Weeks alternate Gold, Silver, Gold Silver, throughout the year.

Art Extension: Starting on September 30 during Extension one of our art teachers, Ms. Walsh, will be offering Art Extension for students interested in exploring their artistic side.  These will be organized by grade level (see below for specific days).  Please email Ms. Walsh at haenelwalsht@newton.k12.ma.us if your child would like to participate.  Team teachers will also be communicating about this opportunity with students.

Mondays at 11:15–6th Grade
Wednesdays at 11:15 –8th Grade

Fridays at 11:15 –7th Grade  

Brown After School Athletics and Enrichment: Please click here to see the various enrichment activities that will be offered to students at Brown this year.