The PTO has allocated a portion of its budget to fund classroom support and special faculty/staff projects at Brown that:

  • Reinforce or support student learning (programmatic or curricular),
  • Foster personal connections,
  • Pilot a new program, or
  • Provide for participation in community service activities.

Applications will also be considered for materials, supplies and tools that enhance the learning environment, ensure security and health safety, or aid in everyday operational efficiency. Most awards range between $100 and $500. Larger grants are considered, particularly where they involve collaboration (e.g. a grade of teachers or department working together).

We will prioritize funding towards ideas that pilot new models of learning, experiment with specific tools or provide additional data/insight for future discussions on how students best learn and grow at Brown.  Mini-Grants are intended for projects that extend beyond the core curriculum.  Day-to-day operational support is outside the funding scope allowed by the Mini-Grant process.

We encourage all faculty, staff and administrators to apply for Mini-Grant funding.  Collaboration between constituencies is strongly encouraged. All grants are subject to the approval of the principal.

GUIDELINES: Approval is based primarily on the following considerations:

  1. The number of students/persons participating in and/or benefiting from the program/project.
  2. The impact of the program/project on students and the school.
  3. The ability of the project to continue without additional PTO funds. Funding is not intended for on-going program support. If your program was funded as part of a previous Mini-Grant effort and you have a follow-up need/idea extension, please check in with the Mini-Grant Committee prior to re-applying for funding for the same program.
  4. Grant money must be spent only on specific application requests. If there is a change in the request, the Grant Committee needs to be notified and will review the modifications for approval.
  5. Grant must support and be consistent with the school community’s values and goals as listed on the Brown website.
  6. Grants cannot be used to fund salaries or stipends.
  7. Grants cannot be used to purchase any core curriculum materials.
    • No more than 10 copies of any one text may be purchased with PTO Funds.
  1. Grants cannot be used for core curriculum technology, including computers, consumables, software/applications and many peripherals.
    • Technology purchases of any kind are not to be funded by Mini-Grants and should follow the Equity Guideline Process.
  1. Grants cannot be used for field trips, transportation, food or promotional items.
  2. In general, unless shown to be part of a special one-time project, grants cannot fund yearly subscription based magazines/applications.
  3. PTO policies do not allow PTO funds to be used for direct donations to charities.
  4. New grants will only be awarded to past grant recipients if a final report has been submitted and is on file.

PROCEDURES:Applications should be made to the PTO Grants Committee, which will review and make recommendations to the PTO Board. This year (2019-20 academic year), there is one planned round of grant applications with an October 30th deadline.  Please submit grants by 9PM on the due date. The committee will plan to act on the proposals by mid-November.


  • Books for classroom libraries (so long as no more than 10 copies of any one text)
  • Standing Desks and alternative classroom seating
  • Supplies for special events such as student performances
  • Supplies for a pilot lab science program for use in a single classroom
  • Supplies for in-school mural
  • Stress-relieving supplies


Please click here to fill out the online form, which will be sent to the Grants Committee.

The PTO needs to keep records on how funds are spent. When completing the project narrative, include as much detail as possible to help us best understand your request for funding. Please submit a brief report no later than June 12, detailing how the grant money was spent and if you achieved the desired original outcome. Download the template for the final report HERE

Returning applicants will not be considered for further funding unless they have a final report on file. If you have questions, please contact the Grants Committee at