About Your PTO

Brown Middle School has an outstanding team of administrators and teachers who are committed to providing an excellent education to our students. In addition to academic achievement, Brown offers a variety of activities to enrich your child’s educational experience, including: community service projects, athletic teams, after school clubs, a variety of music groups, and numerous all-grade events such as the school musical and geography bee.

The PTO’s purpose is to lend hands-on practical and financial support to the school community.

Just like in the elementary school, the PTO is an important link between the school community and your families. The PTO offers many opportunities for parents to volunteer at Brown; a great way to become involved in your child’s school and to meet teachers and other parents.

Aside from volunteer support, the PTO provides financial support to the school. The funds raised through special event, online offers, and your annual contributions are used to pay for events, technology, field trips, Creative Arts & Science programs, and school fee subsidies.

Please feel free to email us with a questions or to share a thought.

Brown PTO Executive Team: Molly Owen-Kristy, Theresa Fitzpatrick, Anabel Cable, Beth Grandi, Robin Healey, Liz Hiser, Christine Whitman, Sharon Vitti, and Maurya Sullivan