Brown Working Theatre

Mission Statement

The goal of the Brown Working Theatre (BWT) is to provide a home for any student who is interested in theatre. Whether performing on stage or working behind the scenes (lighting, sound, sets and other aspects of stagecraft and production), students will have an opportunity to participate together in a creative collaboration to “tell the story”.

Check out the Brown Working Theatre Website for more information.

If you have any questions about Brown Working Theatre, please email Mr. Bailey-Adams at or the Brown PTO Theatre Committee at

Please Volunteer!

We need parent help with everything from costumes to concessions. There are many different ways to get involved, something to suit every availability and skill level. So please jump in and find a role: volunteering with BWT is rewarding, fun and appreciated!

Read below to see the areas we need help, then click the sign-up button to let us know what you are interested in, and we’ll get back to you.

  • PTO Theatre Committee: help provide leadership and coordinate parent involvement.
  • Communications: help manage contact lists, send emails and update the BWT webpage.
  • Costumes: sewing help is a premium, but we also need help with organization, crafts, and shopping.
  • Playbill: help with print production, ads and salutations. Easy to do from home!
  • Photography: Capture photos from rehearsals; put together a slide show for the cast party.
  • Dressing Room Support: help out during dress rehearsals and performances making sure students have the right outfit and accessories. Watch the performance one night, help out the other night. The show is broadcast on TV monitors in the dressing rooms.
  • Concessions Sales: Fundraising is crucial to the BWT, and we need parents to organize and help sell concessions before the shows and during intermission, plus one parent each night to watch out for stragglers and keep an eye on inventory.
  • Flowers: organize flowers for the concession stand, and/or for closing night thank yous.
  • Cast and Crew Party: Help organize a post-production celebration for cast and crew at Brown.

Playbill Ads, Salutations and Donations

Only a small portion of the production costs for the Brown Musical are covered by NPS drama fees and ticket sales. To make up the difference, we raise funds through playbill ad sales and salutations, and through donations.

  • Grease Sponsors – Advertising Form – Advertise your business and support our musical! Click here to download a Advertising Form
  • Grease Salutations Form – Honor a cast or crew member with a messagein the playbill! Click here to download a Salutations Form
  • Donations If you would like to make a donation to support our efforts, please click on the link below, or send your donation (cash or check made payable to “Brown PTO” specifying “Brown Working Theatre” in the memo line) to the Brown Musical Fund, Charles E. Brown Middle School, 125 Meadowbrook Road, Newton, MA 02459.