Enrichment Program

What is the Enrichment Program?

Formerly known as Triple E (Excellence, Enrichment, and Exploration) the Enrichment Program is a program of after-school clubs and activities at Brown that run everyday except Wednesdays. Please note the start dates. The activities are from 3:00 to 4:05 (there are some exceptions). All activities are supervised by teachers. If a student takes a bus in the morning, they can take the 4:15 bus home.

Students will be able to sign up for activities by emailing the Enrichment advisor for each activity. Some activities have limited participants. Those activities will be noted. There is a student activities fee associated with school-sponsored extra-curricular activities. The fee is $60 or $100 per student (if student also participates in drama). See Newton Public Schools website for Middle School Activities Fees.

Our after school program director is Katrina Antonellis (antonellisk@newton.k12.ma.us). Please contact the advisor of the activity directly if you have questions. The schedule will be revised when activities are added or have ended. Schedules will be given to team teachers each month to be posted in their rooms. Announcements are also made over the P.A. system and the daily bulletin. The Enrichment Program will begin on Monday, September 20th, 2021.

The schedule is revised every month.  Click here for the current Enrichment Program Schedule.