How much does lunch cost and what are school lunches like?

Brown’s food service is full of healthy options for both lunch and breakfast. A complete school lunch costs $3.60. Students can also purchase a la carte options.

TIP: Since the transition to the cafeteria-style lunch is new for sixth graders, bringing a packed lunch the first week can be easier for them. Lunch period is around 25 minutes which may not be enough time for new students to navigate through lines and still have time to eat.

Can I pay for my student’s lunch¬†in advance?

Pre-paid accounts are managed through “My SchoolBucks“. Enrolled students are in the SchoolBucks system so setting up an account is easy. Once you have your student account set, you can add funds as needed and check the purchases being made. You can receive email messages that funds are running low and set up automatic payments if they drop below a selected minimum. You can also send in cash with your student to add to your account balance.