Bus passes and schedules

Click here for information about purchasing a bus pass for your student, and click here to view the bus schedules for Brown.

Student drop-off and pick-up

Students may be dropped off and picked up ONLY in the areas on Wheeler Road and Meadowbrook Road that are marked with blue signs and/or blue curbs.

All traffic is expected to flow around the roundabout/rotary so, please, no stopping or parking is allowed in the roundabout, and students should not be dropped off or picked up in the roundabout.

For their safety, students may not be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot or in the circular driveway in front of Brown. Crosswalks are clearly marked and we urge everyone to cross in the marked crosswalks. If you are picking up or dropping off your child after 9am and before 2pm,  you may drive up to the front entrance.

TIP: To avoid pick-up confusion, set a designated pick-up area with your child in advance. It is amazing how difficult it is to spot your child in a crowd of middle schoolers. Also, waiting/standing outside for your child is usually a parent no-no. Best to check with your child on this.

TIP: Start and dismissal times for Brown and nearby Oak Hill Middle are staggered to avoid traffic issues. On early release holidays they share a dismissal time so parking and traffic is chaotic. Plan ahead.

Late buses

My student needs to take the bus home. What if he/she wants to stay for an activity?
There are late buses at 4:15pm and 5:15pm. Note: the 5:15 bus also takes students from Oak Hill and South and sometimes can take over an hour to get to neighborhoods such as Auburndale.