Principal Lysaght’s Weekly Letter

Dear Brown MS Community,

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the Newton South High School Graduation Ceremony. It is always heartwarming and validating to see our former students march across the stage to get their diplomas. It reminded me that at the middle school level, we don’t always get to see the fruits of our labor and that middle school is just a short stop on a longer road to adulthood. The values teachers and caregivers instill in our tweens and teens are so important because adolescence is a time of rapid growth physically, cognitively and emotionally. We need to continue to nurture solid values (like the Bear Beliefs) that become internalized by students because they will leave us at some point, and the adult they become is built on the incremental lessons they learn in these formative years. So, keep having those conversations about what is most important in life and support them to learn from their inevitable mistakes – they are evolving everyday with your guidance!

Today was Step-up day for our outgoing 8th graders and our incoming 5th graders. Our 6th grade teachers do an amazing job of welcoming our newest Brown Bears by giving them an overview of what 6th grade is like, touring the building and answer LOTS of questions (see pictures below). The students were wide eyed, enthusiastic and curious as they face the next leg of their journey. Upon their return from Newton South, our 8th graders enjoyed treats from an ice cream truck. (Thank you to Wendy Cohen and Lucy Mergamen PTO 8th grade events chairs for making this happen!). 8th Graders reported that they enjoyed learning more about high school and, while they have some nervous energy about the transition, most are feeling excited to move on to a bigger environment with more freedom and responsibility.

We are closing in on the end of the year quickly and the number of events coming up feels daunting for any adult involved in raising or teachings kids. I hope you can find a sliver of time this weekend to spend doing something you love.


Kim Lysaght